I am interested in how marginalized identities use their supposed “limitation” as a form of liberation. I believe that living within the margin can be a very creative and imaginative space, where one can converge the various identities they hold. This doesn’t only happen outwardly but on a mental and emotional plane, where the resistance, denial and acceptance of self is under constant pressure. This tension created is where I feel this convergence happens, and where I believe individuals in the margin are constantly self-actualizing.There is alchemy that happens when you are able to create something from the very little that is given. I used portraiture as a way to explore the many dimensions of the identities and roles I hold as an individual in society. An African women, queer, dark skinned, a daughter, a nomad and so many more. I am the sum of all these parts and these parts are called to the forefront as I interrogate them. I work intuitively, allowing the process to reveal the concept, sometimes specific words, thoughts, or feelings spurs me to create.

This project focuses on my identities as an African immigrant and queer women as I try to make sense of what it means to be an be apart of an immigrant community,  and navigating a conservative social landscape that limits my expression, while also exploring what society at large has to offer, as I walk into a more nuanced version of myself.

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